Monday, 26 November 2012

Daily photo find - some search tips

You probably already know this, but why not set up your own daily list search - its a lot easier than you think.. 

When searching Ebay for Luftwaffe photos I tend to look first at certain 'preferred' sellers, eg Marco at koelsch333, Heiko Fuchs or Michael Meyer ( see tag links below... )

But it is fairly straight forward to set up a daily e-mail schedule which will send lists of photo links and an over-view of your preferred search items direct to your in-box..

go to and add your search words in the search box  - you will need to use some very basic German words that you will probably already be familiar with eg 'Flugzeug' (aircraft), Jagdflieger (fighter pilot), 'Besatzung' (crew) 'Staffelabzeichen' (Staffel emblem),'Fliegerhorst' or 'Flugplatz' (airfield), or even the rather English-looking 'Pilot im Cockpit'. Obviously if you are looking for photos precede your search word with 'Foto' or 'Aufnahme' (photo) or 'Abzug' (print) or 'Bild' and 'Bilder' (picture/pictures) A simple 'Foto Cockpit' brings up 40 results today alone..

You will get a list of search results eg  "135 Ergebnisse gefunden  = results found.."

135 Ergebnisse gefunden für Foto Junkers   Suche speichern

to the right of your search results you will see a clickable link  "Suche speichern"  = "save search"

click on "save search"  to bring up a box ; the text translates " send daily email when new items are offered corresponding to your search criteria ".  Ensure the check box is ticked - 

hey presto, you will henceforth receive a daily email of your stored searches. Fill in as many searches as required eg " Foto Staffel Wappen "  " Foto Luftwaffe Flugzeug " " Foto Fw 190....etc 

Other useful search words are 'Top'  ( which basically means excellent or 'ausgezeichnet') and words such as 'selten' (rare) or 'Archiv' or 'Original' etc etc. Add some basic abbreviations such as JG or NJG if night fighters are of interest for example....

Selection of Stukas and other Eastern Front machines found today and currently on offer at

Sturmovik known to the Germans as the Zementbomber

Ju 87 D-3 of StG 77 over Kharkov's 'Roter Platz' (Red Square)

Ju 87 D 3./SG 77 mit 300 Liter Zusatztanks Rosenborn 1944

Friedrich of 9./JG 54, 1941

Wrecked Caudron Cr. 714 near Dreux, France, 1940