Friday, 4 February 2011

Signed Luftwaffe ace photos Lacy Sutton collection (Glünz, Loos, Christl, Stolle, Seeger)

Signed ace photos in the collection owned by Lacy Sutton and reproduced here with Mr Sutton's kind permission;

                                     Bruno Stolle and Fritz Karch  (JG 2)

Georg Christl, 7 victories. Participated in the Battle of Britain with III./ZG 26. Staffelkapitän of 7./ZG 26 based on Sicily flying Bf 110s in December 1940. In a raid against Tobruk harbour on 9 April 1941, Hauptmann Christl was leading 7./ZG 26 and claimed an RAF Hurricane shot down - his victim was the RAF ace Flying Officer George Goodman (12.666 destroyed and 2.333 damaged victories) of 73 Sqn, who force-landed within the outer defences of Tobruk unhurt. Awarded the Ritterkreuz for his leadership in the desert on 18 March 1942 with III./ZG 26. Major Christl was posted to Parchim in July 1944 to command Jagdruppe 10, an experimental testing unit of specialised anti-bomber weapons, until the end of war.


In remembrance of my fallen comrades - Günther Seeger (JG 2)