Sunday, 27 September 2009

'my' Luftwaffe reading list

I have worked on the following titles, either translating or copy-editing or part-authoring.

1. JG 300: A Chronicle of a Fighter Geschwader In the Battle for Germany

"The acclaimed unit history in two volumes - according to Rowan Bayliss in Scale Aircraft Modelling features 'some of the most gripping accounts of air combat ever written' - chock full of exciting personal accounts and rare photos. Translated by Neil Page"

2. Barbarossa: The Air Battle July-December 1941 by Christer Bergstrom

"Revised, updated edition of the classic Black Cross- Red Star books at half the price of the Eagles Editions books. Copy-edited by Neil Page"

3. Messerschmitt Me 210 / Me 410 Hornisse (Hornet) by Werner Stocker

"Photographic & production history. Text examines the machinations behind Luftwaffe procurement policy - copy-edited & a section authored by Neil Page"

4. The Skies Of France A Chronicle Of JG 2 Richthofen Vol 1 1934-1940 by Erik Mombeek

" Vol I of a superb new history of JG 2 Richthofen vividly brought to life through many rare first person accounts.. Translated by Neil Page"

5. Nachtjagd War Diaries Vol 1 An Operational History of the German Night Fighter Force in the West, September 1939 - March 1944 by Dr. Theo Boiten

"Superb new history of the Luftwaffe's night air war. Vivid personal accounts -amounting to around 75 pages of text- translated by Neil Page!"

6. Storming the Bombers A Chronicle of JG 4 The Luftwaffe's 4th Fighter Wing Vol 1 1942-1944 by Erik Mombeeck

"For the first time in English, a mission-by-mission, day-by-day history of the Luftwaffe's fourth fighter wing. Translated by Neil Page. See the author's web-site for ordering"

7. JG 27 in Action: v. 4 (Air Miniatures) by Marek Murawski

"Part IV of the Kagero series devoted to JG 27. Translated accounts by Neil Page"

8. Nachtjagd War Diaries Vol 2 An Operational History of the German Night Fighter Force in the West, April 1944 - May 1945 by Dr. Theo Boiten

"Vol II of Theo Boiten's Nachtjagd War Diaries - moving & dramatic personal accounts by Neil Page!"

9. JG 11 (Air Miniatures) by Marek Murawski

"Probably the best title in this Kagero series on a unit which has received little coverage. Plenty of first person accounts especially translated for this book by Neil Page"

10. Stalingrad - The Air Battle: 1942 through January 1943 by Christer Bergstrom

"Vol II of the new, revised, updated BC-RS. Highly detailed text, proofed, corrected and re-written in English by Neil Page"

11. Focke Wulf FW 190: v. 2 (Monographs) by Krzysztof Janowicz

"Vol II of four produced by Kagero devoted to the Fw 190 - great photos & artwork and a detailed operational history. The majority of the English section was written by Neil Page"

12. Luftwaffe Seaplanes Vol I (Les hydravions de la Luftwaffe, published by Lela Presse

"..Luftwaffe seaplanes and flying boats played a major role during WW2. This first volume describes the history of the Arado 196, Dornier 18, Heinkel 60 and Heinkel 59 and is replete with photos, colour profiles & technical drawings. The most comprehensive and detailed works yet published on these types. English language photo captions augmented with text extracts translated by Neil Page.."

More info at

Curtiss Hawk H-75 published by Lela Presse

"The Curtiss H-75 was among the most effective fighters of the Armée de l'Air during WW 2, highly manoeuvrable & able to take on and beat the Me 109 Dora in combat as the events of 6 November 1939 proved - five Doras of JGr 102 shot down for no losses. It equipped the "crack units" of the French Air Force throughout the Phoney War and the May-June 1940 campaign, achieving a considerable tally of air victories. This book relates the career of the American fighter in France, from the negociations to buy it until its retirement post-war. Features detailed day-by-day coverage of the activities of the various Groupes de Chasse equipped with the Hawk and rare combat accounts, loss & victory lists, & approx 500 photos with detailed English-language captions augmented with translated extracts from the text by Neil Page.."

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