Friday 26 April 2024

new from Werner's Wings - Galland's 'Lobster Flight' upgrade set Bf 109 F-0


1/48 Bf-109 F-0 'Lobster Flight'.

A Zvezda Friedrich enhanced with the Werner’s Wings 'Lobster Flight' upgrade set. The 'Lobster flight Upgrade set' is now available at Werner’s Wings website.

"..The upgrade set includes the early square intake, basket and four white metal lobsters. I added the flowers. They are not included. (Note, decals will also have to be sourced elsewhere).
Just a quick history lesson, Adolph Galland flew this airplane, along with the lobsters, to Theo Osterkamp’s birthday party. En route he took a detour with his brand new Bf-109 F to England and shot down two Spitfires for his 60th and 61st kills. His aircraft was so brand new that somehow he accidentally lowered his landing gear during the fight and still managed to shoot down two fighters. The aircraft was so brand new that the markings weren’t even completely painted on. Not my best kit but I’m okay with how it turned out. I had issues with the front canopy. I’m sure it’s my fault as this is my fourth Zvezda 109 and I didn’t have any issues on the others. It will look good in the display case..."  Floyd Werner

Werner's Wings website

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