Saturday 20 August 2022

More late-war Gustav profile artworks from 'Angantyr'


Artwork and captions by Angantyr. The images are 'clickable' to view large

Information on this aircraft, variously identified in the past and even illustrated with a black-and white profile. On January 29, 1945, Oblt. Waldemar Balasus flying Me109 G-14 WNr. 0464493 'blue 32' of 4./EJG 1 was shot down by a P-51 of the 55th Fighter Group and crashed near Hamburg. He survived, most likely baling out.

Herbert Kutscha's G-6 'yellow 13' (12./JG 3), February 1944. An Erla 'spotted-dog'. See previous post for photographic reference.

Below; Bf 109 G-6 “white 2” of 1./JG 302 as it appeared during August 1944

Below; Uffz Rudolf Dreesmann  flew with  12./JG 51 on the Eastern Front before moving to JG 302. On July 7, 1944  he was airborne in this 4./JG 302 Bf 109 G-6  (WNr 412498). The Staffel had taken off to intercept bombers approaching Munich. At 9000 meters, Dreesmann signaled to his wingman, Lt. Hallenberger, that he was in trouble. He decended to 5000 meters where he entered clouds. He was not seen again. Although the profile is speculative, it is nevertheless based on known facts about this production batch, as well as known practices of 4. Staffel JG 302. (reference source: Luftwaffe im Focus)

Another 'speculative' profile illustrating Bf 109 G-10 WNr 491282 of the Stab III Gruppe JG 6 crash-landed on January 1, 1945 during Bodenplatte. Hptm. Wilhelm Kindler POW.


Bf 109 G-14 W.Nr 460 408, "Gelbe 4", Gefr. Georg Kuhr, 3./JG 76, Nijmegen, 29 September 1944.  

Bf 109 G-14/AS of III./ JG 77 at Neuruppin as seen in late 1944. The photo is to some extent covered by fog, so a certain amount of interpretation has been used as well as drawing on “sister ship” WNr 786 316 “white 4” at Kassel.

Next, a correction of an earlier machine from JG 76 a rather short-lived unit that later became part of JG 300, as you probably know...

 Next one is something of a "mystery machine" apparently attached to the bomber unit KG 77 - I have wondered why a bomber unit would use fighters? There is a reference picture on the net. It shows a Bf 109 F upgraded to G-2 standard with a pilot that appears not to be german. It also carries the back cockpit armour standard to G-1 and G-3. As no individual letter is shown (or of low contrast) I have made one up. I have speculated that as it was attached to the first Gruppe, and I believe that the last letter of the codes looks like a "B" to me, I have concluded that it belonged to I Gruppe stab, which should explain the medium-colored tip of the spinner. By the way, I believe that interpreting colors from black-and white photos is one of the most difficult tasks imaginable!


Below; Hans Seyringer and his II./JG 27 Bf 109 G-6/R3/R6 (quote) "His G-6 crashed on Winterhaarweg at Boekelo Holland on 30 January, 1944, cause: aerial combat with a P-47; and pilot disposition: bailed and returned (DeSwart). One known victory, a B-17 N of Kaiserslautern on 14 October, 1943. His 2nd, a a P-47 at Borkel, 12 km S of Eindhoven on 30 January, 1944"

Below;   Bf 109 G-10 (Erla) as flown by the Gruppenkommandeur I./JG 300 Stamp in November 1944. As far as I know, the only known image just covers part of the left fuselage, so, some artistic license has been used. Another unknown factor is if it carried the identification band or not. My profiles are a mix of totally authentic pictures (rarely achieved) to more or less speculative ones, where only the WNr is known. There are some factors that will add to the confusion as for example, aircraft that was brought back for overhaul/repair were frequently both up- as downgraded. Another factor is the example that a Bf 109 G-6 equipped with MW50 didn't automatically make it a G-14, and so forth.

Nicely done Angantyr, thank you! More late-war Gustavs in profile by Angantyr on this blog here