Wednesday 2 March 2022

The Junkers F 13 at the National Museum of Science and Technology, Stockholm - Part 2


Both Flugzeug Classic and Flieger Revue magazines have covered preserved F13s in recent issues. Jan Forsgren contacted the Luftwaffe Blog with the following contribution.

" ...The Junkers F 13 at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm was built in 1923 (W Nr 715), and originally registered as D-343 and named Schleiervogel. It was delivered to Aktiebolaget Aerotransport (ABA) in 1924, and registered as S-AAAC. Apart from being used on regular passenger services, she also flew on the Stockholm-Amsterdam-London night mail route. Mail sorting shelves were installed in the cabin. (These are preserved at the National Postal Museum.)The postman is said to have been so frightened during the inaugural flight, that he contemplated making himself a parachute from the mail bags!

Re-registered as SE-AAC in the late 1920s, the F 13 remained in service until 1934. The registration was cancelled on 5 November 1934, with the aeroplane being donated to the National Museum of Science and Technology in March 1935. Displayed outside the museum for decades, she was restored and brought into the museum's main hall in 1971..."

I can only add that being allowed to work on such a historic aeroplane has been a privilege! Here are a few more pictures. Note the cup holders in the front corners of the cabin! ..."

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