Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Flugzeug Classic 11/21 exclusive - new pictures of the Me 209

The latest issue of 'Flugzeug Classic' has published new images taken by the-then 'famous' photographer Alexander Stöcker, portraying, in addition to the notorious Me 209 V4 '+ 14' with a fine snake on the forward fuselage, two other Me 209s depicted as being'operational' - for propaganda purposes. Coded '+ 3 ' and '+ 12 ', both long winged, totally unknown to date and can be seen in the sample pdf for the current issue, link below. The front cover image of '+ 14 ' shows an SC 250 being 'loaded' although with no ETC belly rack fitted - and no room to fit one - such ordnance simply could not be carried by this machine.

" ..Sometimes the most effective weapons in the history of war are 'paper tigers'. The German Luftwaffe produced a number of these. Their new "miracle fighter", the Me 209, did not roll not out of Messerschmitt's workshops, but from the offices of the Propaganda Ministry, which produced a series of photographs which showed the viewer the impression of the hustle and bustle of a "209" task force. But the photographic smoke candles were duds - the experienced viewer can immediately see the deception. And so the photos disappeared before the public got to see them. Now the clumsy efforts of the Ministry have resurfaced and provide us with rare images of the Me-209-V prototype..." 

 Below; A close-up of the front cover of 'Flugzeug Classic' 11/21 and link to a 10-page sample PDF on the publisher Geramond's web site 

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And announced well over a year ago, still no sign of the A&A Models kits, although according to their FB page the A&A Models Me 209 V1 in 48 scale is due imminently..