Thursday 2 September 2021

New from Mortons "Luftwaffe fighters - Combat on all Fronts" - I./JG 77 over Malta


"New Product Alert " from Mortons/Classic Magazines - 120 pages, 200+ illustrations, 
" Luftwaffe fighters - Combat on all Fronts, Part 1 "

One of the features in Mortons new "Luftwaffe Fighters - Combat on all Fronts" relates the Malta 'campaign' of I./JG 77 during the summer of 1942. Here pilots of 3. Staffel JG 77 are seen relaxing at their dispersal in Comiso, Sicily with the Staffelhund during that period. Note the distinctive aircraft shelters in the background. A G-2 trop  (note the position of the octane triangle - thank you Jochen) finished in a mottled camouflage and covered with a tarpaulin displays the chevron bar of the Stab. The mottled camouflage is also apparent on the wing upper surface nearest the camera. Note the detail of the leading-edge slat. Wearing a cap is Oblt. Erhard Niese seated (middle) on the deckchair. Niese transferred to III./JG 77 after the Gruppe left Sicily. The ace of I./JG 77's Malta campaign Ofw. Walter Brandt of 2. Staffel appears to be seated alongside him (right). Click on the image for a full-screen view..

 Extracted from the new "Luftwaffe fighters" book-a-zine from Mortons/Classic Magazines

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