Friday, 22 June 2018

Messerschmitt Me 262 of KG(J)54

 These great images will interest many who drop in on the Luftwaffe blog. They were recently 'discovered' at and appeared on FB. Since there are many who drop in here who do not use FB we publish them here. It appears that the code in the fuselage is “B3” which could indicate KG(J)54. Note the “skull” emblem there too. The site says little about the photos aside from 'William Giannopoulos collection, April 1945'.

thanks to Fernando. And the following via David E. Brown;

Your latest post on “Messerschmitt Me 262 of KG(J)54” shows images of the machine “B3+HL”, WNr.110943 of 3./I./KG (J) 54. From Dan O’Connell’s “Messerschmitt Me 262 The Production Log" -  Me 262 A-1a. Lt. Bernhard Becker of 3./KG(J) 54 took off from Giebelstadt but was injured on 9 March 1945 in an emergency landing during a strafing attack on Kitzingen. The aircraft suffered 65% damage. A different account states that Becker made a practice flight from Giebelstadt on 9 March, taking off at 09:55 and landed at Kitzingen at 11:05. It was then flown later that day by an unknown pilot of 2./KG(J) 54 who crashed landed it at Kitzingen with 65% damage. The remains were found and photographed by US troops at Kitzingen on 10 April. ‘Yellow H’. 'B3+HL'. "