Sunday 4 October 2020

Seenotstaffel Dornier Do 24


From early 1943 3. Seenotstaffel operated out over the Golfe du Lion from l’ Étang de Berre on the Mediterranean coast. Some nice views of one of the unit’s machines being hoisted into the water at the start of a sortie. Note the crew member on the upper wing to hook and unhook the crane..(ECPA -D). There appears to be a ladder deployed from just aft of the cowl of the middle engine (not running) to enable the crew member to get down from the wing. (thanks for pointing this out Stephen). Similar images appear in Jean-Louis Roba's new book "La Luftwaffe en France 1939-1945, tome 1 " just published by Arès.

The Dornier Do 24 was one of eight German types constructed by French industry for the occupying power, the main contractor being the S.N.C.A.N based in the former CAMS factory in Sartrouville on the Seine to the west of Paris.  During 1943 twenty two Do 24s were delivered followed by a further 30 machines before the Liberation...a further 20 machines were ordered for the ‘new’ French ‘Marine nationale’ post-war. No fewer than 40 of the type saw service with the French, remaining in service until 1953.