Thursday 25 June 2020

Hptm. Herbert Ihlefeld, Kommandeur I.(J) /LG 2 - June 1941

Herbert Ihlefeld, Kommandeur I.(J) /LG 2, was awarded the Oak Leaves for his 40 victories on June 27, 1941. On June 29, 1941 he flew to the Führer Hauptquartier (HQ) for the Eichenlaub award ceremony. Images via ebay depicting the 'Flugvorbereitung' - 'getting ready for the Kommandeur's flight to see the Führer'. Note yellow theatre band aft of the Balkenkreuz and the early-style canopy and Gruppe emblem below the cockpit. Ihlefeld's unit operated in close collaboration with the Stab/JG 77 out of Jassy, Romania, during the opening weeks of 'Barbarossa'.

Ebay images shown here

Below; Ihlefeld at the controls of a different machine also in the East. This is one of Ihlefeld's Friedrichs seen in the spring of 1942 shortly before he left I.(J(/LG 2 or rather I./JG 77. This image is part of a whole series showing him and Geisshardt in their respective Friedrichs...(caption courtesy Jochen Prien)

Geisshardt (right ) with (possibly) 2. Staffel comrade Oblt. Ekke-Eberhard Reinbrecht. Reinbrecht crashed on takeoff during July 1941 and was injured..