Friday 10 April 2020

Kommodore JG 2 Balthasar Bf 109 Friedrich May-June 1941 - ebay photo find #329

In February 1941 a new Kommodore was appointed to succeed Helmut Wick at the head of JG 2. Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar was an ace who at the time enjoyed almost as big a reputation as Wick's having been one of the leading Luftwaffe fighter pilots through 1940. Following seven victories in Spain he was 'side-lined' during the Polish campaign but made up for it in the West and was awarded the RK during June 1940 for around 33 victories, a tally that included (at that time) at least 11 ground 'victories'!

Two 'new' views of Balthasar's presumably 'brand-new' yellow-nosed Bf 109 F-2, most probably only just received at the unit. Rudder scoreboard shows 31 victories (May 19, 1941).


Balthasar was probably already dead by the time these pictures were developed. He was killed in combat on July 3, 1941 over northern France. Here a rare view taken at Kommodore Balthasar's funeral ceremony..

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Starboard view of the JG 2 Kommodore machine, May 1941