Sunday, 1 March 2020

Kommandeur III./JG 3 Maj. Wolfgang Ewald - ebay photo find #327

The Kommandeur III./JG 3 in the cockpit of a Stab JG 3 Bf 109 preparing for a sortie during the first few months of 1943. The aircraft is WNr. 14 859, Kennung is "schwarzer Doppelwinkel Strich"- a Gondelwaffen-toting G-4 'gunboat' written off after a crash-landing on April 1, 1943. It is not known if Maj. Ewald was the pilot on this occasion. The Stab, II. and III./JG 3 bore the brunt of the fighting against 8 VA and 17 VA during this period, making some 342 claims for 24 losses.

Wolfgang Ewald was a veteran of Spain where he claimed a single victory. He shot down a Spitfire on September 2, 1940 during the Battle of Britain for his 1st in WW II. He achieved the first victories in Russia on 20 May 1942 and was appointed Kommandeur III./JG 3 on July 23, 1942. His 'best' day was 26 October 1942 when he claimed four II-2 Shturmoviks shot down for his victories 44 - 47. He was awarded the RK after 53 victories (December 9, 1942). On July 5, 1943 he claimed three Pe-2-bombers for victories 65-67 but on 14 July 1943 he was shot down by Russian flak near Belgorod and taken captive (Bf 109 G-6, 20220 "schwarzer Doppelwinkel"). He returned home in late December 1949. Published on page 250 of "Bf 109 im Einsatz bei der III./JG 3" (Prien, Stemmer)