Tuesday 16 April 2019

III./JG 2 Fw 190 3 December 1942 - meine Warte und meine Machine (Vannes) -ebay photo find #318

III./JG 2 Fw 190 A-4 with Adlerkopf cowl seen on 3 December 1942 as per the inscription on the reverse of the picture - "..meine Warte und meine Machine (Vannes) .."

A slightly different image from that seen in Erik Mombeek's 'Histoire de la JG 2 Richthofen Volume 4' showing pilots of 9./JG 2 alongside Wurmheller's Fw 190 A-5 'yellow 2' WNr. 7334 - the rudder scoreboard show 78 markings. The photo dates from the evening of 28 June 1943 - 158 B-17s attacked locks and submarine-pens at Saint-Nazaire between 1655 to 1725 hrs. Airborne from Vannes III./JG 2 claimed 13 B-17s, although possibly four of these were duplicates. The 17:17 hrs claim was assigned to Oblt Philipp, the 17:31 claim to Lt Benno Eder, the 17:55 claim to Ofw Ebert and the 17:58 claim to Ofw Friedrich May.

 Uffz. Swat seen first left  has just recorded his second victory, while Wurmheller is fourth left glancing at his rudder. The very experienced Fw. Karl-Heinz Munsche is third left (below).