Wednesday 21 December 2016

Me110 ZG 76 Haifisch Geschwader beim Start, Fw 190 Ergänzungs-Schlachtgruppe SG 152 - daily Ebay photo find #197

via Olivier Rogge Ebay sales

Me110 C/D ZG 76 Haifisch Geschwader beim Start

according to the seller a selection of FW 190 F/ G from the Ergänzungs-Schlachtgruppe, ( Micky-Maus Staffelwappen

"Triangle B" below was published by C.Ehrengardt in a recent Aerojournal "Fw 190 Jabo special" reviewed on this blog here. This machine is labelled as WNr. 1112 Fw 190 A-5 from 1./SG 152 early advanced operational school unit, an Einsatzkommando went to Italy and flew sorties around Monte Cassino and Anzio. I./SG 152 was established from the  Ergänzungs-Schlachtgruppe at Debkin Irena in November 1943 under Hptm. Karl Kennel

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