Wednesday 9 November 2016

Bf 110 SKG 210 Kennung S9 + NN in Rußland - RK holder Herbert Kutscha, Dackel Staffel JG 5 Bf 110

Bf 110 der 1. SKG 210 mit der Kennung S9 + NN aufgenommen in Rußland. Es ist die Maschine von KC holder Herbert Kutscha. Sehr schön sind das Staffelabzeichen und zahlreiche Details zu sehen!

Herbert Kutscha (1917-2003) served with II./JG 77 at the beginning of the war, but he was soon transferred to 5./ZG 1 equipped with Messerschmitt Bf 110s. During the Battle of France, he shot down a number of aircraft, including a Bf 109 of the air force of neutral Switzerland. Later, he also gained much success on the Eastern Front as a ground attack pilot, partially due to his II./ZG 1 evolving into II./SKG 210. Kutscha's II.Gruppe/SKG 210, under the command of Hptm. Rolf Kaldrack specialized in ground attack operations, specifically low level bombing. Kutscha was awarded the RK after his 22nd victory. At that time his ground tally was 41 aircraft destroyed on the ground, 41 tanks, 15 locomotives, 11 anti-aircraft guns, and 157 transport vehicles. In June 1943 he was appointed to command 15. Staffel IV./JG 3 "Udet". In the summer of 1944, he took control of II./JG 3 in Normandy, and of II./JG 27 by the end of the year. From February, 1945, he commanded III./JG 1 on the Eastern Front. All in all, he flew over 900 sorties, gained 47 kills, six of which were four engined heavies, and 22 of his kills were with the Bf 110.

Bf 110 E der 1. SKG 210 mit der Kennung S9 + AH,aufgenommen am 9.7.1941 in der Nähe Pomisewje, Rußland. Es ist die Maschine von KC holder Oblt. Wolfgang Schenck.

Bf 110 of the " Dackel " Staffel in winter finish probably photographed in Kirkenes ( northern Norway ) in 1943