Sunday 18 September 2016

II. Gruppe Fw 190 A-7/8 with Kommandeur chevrons and diving crow cowl emblem, landmark sortie for a Schlachtflieger ace - daily Ebay photo find #189

Two very nice views of a Fw 190 A-7/8 with Kommandeur chevrons with diving crow emblem,  usually associated with 5./JG 26 but also used by I./StG 1 and II./StG 3 that became I./SG 1 and II./SG 3 in October 43 and then converted to Fw 190 respectively around Dec 44 and June 44.  II./SG 3 Kommandeur machine. The pilot being greeted with a bouquet is possibly Theodor Nordmann..the wreath appears to commemorate the pilot reaching a landmark 1111 sortie  (one thousand one hundred and eleven).."


Below; 'new' colour negative find from the Manthos archive

Above; photo archive of Lt Col Atlee G Manthos, 357th FG USAF - Reproduction authorised by the Manthos sons