Saturday 2 January 2016

new 2016 catalogue from Lela Presse

The new Lela Presse catalogue for 2016 just dropped through the letter box.

There are lots of new titles in preparation and due to appear in 2016 especially in the 'units' series from Jean-Louis Roba ( 2 volumes on Lehrgeschwader 1) and a new book on JG 54 from Philippe Saintes, not to mention titles on the Junkers Ju 52 (due in April 2016), the Focke Wulf Fw 200 and Philippe Couderchon's long-awaited hardback on French Fw 190s entitled 'From the Fw 190 to the NC 900'.

The second volume from Philippe Ricco on Beute French types in German colours (" Les Avions Français aux couleurs allemandes" ) is also due soon. Read Tom's review of Volume 1 on his blog here.

Also still available via the Lela Presse website is Jean-Louis Roba's superlatively illustrated (French-language) history of Kampfgeschwader 100 which we looked at on this blog here.

Get your paper copy of the new catalogue from the Lela Presse site or download a free copy here