Monday, 30 November 2015

Hs 123 in the East, III./ JG 77 Emil on Crete - daily Ebay photo find #137

..somewhere on the Russian Front according to the seller but more likely Poland if this is a combat aircraft apparently operating from an unprepared field strip close to the front. The Stammkenzeichen does also suggest an unknown FFS (pilot training school).

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Below;  despite the Schlacht triangle marking of II./ LG 2 this Emil belongs to III./ JG 77 - note the wolf's head badge on the cowling. Seen at Malemes, Crete 1941, note three Abschußbalken on the rudder. The name 'Seidel' below the cockpit probably recalls Ofw. Albert ' Harry' Seidel who had been KIA on 15 March near Kent/Dungeness in aerial combat with 615 Sq. Hurricanes. His machine was WNr.3725 "schwarze L" of 5.(S)/LG 2.. Original picture source, Michael Payne via Omert in "More Emils, More markings", Aviation News 7-20 May 1983, also in Prien JG 77 Vol 1. Bottom, Von Werra in front of a JG 53 Friedrich
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