Saturday 29 November 2014

JG 27 Bf 109s, Beute Blenheim IV, Bf 110 ZG 52 - ebay photo find # 104

More 8./JG 27 Bf 109s from the 'Liebhold' album.

Liebhold with Italian comrades, "Red 7" in the background - note "striped" upper surface camouflage

Below; "writing a few words of greeting to my beloved Marianne following my award of the EK II. 24 January 1943 "   - Liebhold with Schroer in deckchair and sunglasses and Schroer's "Red 1" in the background. 8./ JG 27 on detachment to Maritsa, Rhodes

Michael Beuckmann's ebay sales are here and include this I./ JG 54 F/G

Manuel Rauh's ebay sales - see below for link. Nice view of the Kommandeur machine II./ JG 27 at Trapani, Sicily and an Emil of  I./ JG 27 "white 12" downed in the West

Beute Blenheim IV "YH-F"

Images from the album of a veteran of III./ KG z.b.v. 1. Ju 88 and Ju 87 B in North Africa. Note the Balkenkreuz positioned on the white theatre band

Arado Ar 66

Manuel Rauh's current ebay sales are here 

 Bf 110 C/Ds displaying the Drachenwappen (dragon emblem ) of ZG 52 on the nose on offer here

JP Militaria Ebay sales here