Saturday 4 October 2014

Hermann Graf Kommandeur JGr. Ost Fw 190 A-4 WNr. 634,

Hermann Graf flew at least two colourful Fw 190 As during his time as Kommandeur of Jagdgruppe Ost - these were a Fw 190 A-4 WNr 634 (pictured above) as well as a Fw 190 A-5 WNr 2594, both of which can be ascertained from photos.

 This particular image apparently depicts his Fw 190 A-4 and is currently on here. His A-4 featured a yellow engine cowling decorated with a red tulip pattern while his assigned Fw 190 A-5 had a standard camouflage on the cowling and a similar tulip decoration. There were also other small differences in markings between the two a/c. I guess it must be the gaudy markings that make this particular A-4 look so 'toy-like' .........

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and a 'faked' image of Graf's A-4 by way of comparison