Saturday 13 September 2014

Ergänzungsstaffel Fw 190 '6Q+VX' - ebay photo find #98

.. shown here courtesy of Oliver Rogge's Kurmark Antik sales, here is the best view yet of this nice Ebay find ... currently on offer here

provisionally identified (cheers Marc..) as Fw 190 A, W.Nr. unknown "6Q+VX",  Ergänzungsstaffel St.G.2.  

The bulged MG cowl cover and wingtip pitot point to this being an A-8, mid-1944. Click to view the full image..

..and from Nick Beale

"... The eBay photo you posted rang a bell. There was a profile of it in Jiri Rajlich's "Luftwaffe in Detail — Air War over the Czech Lands" (Wings & Wheels, 2000). Trouble is that (as far as I can see) there's no corresponding photo in the book. He must have had sight of this shot at some stage, though. He had it captioned as a III./SG 151 machine, which I'd agree with since I've lots of early 1944 examples of SG 151 JU 87s with 6Q codes from a Flugbuch, ULTRA and Sigint, 


 Rajlich gave the location as Pardubice...."