Friday 20 December 2013

Les Hydravions de la Luftwaffe. Vol. 3. - Luftwaffe Seaplanes Vol 3 published by Lela Presse April 2014

... a magnificent third volume in the Luftwaffe Seaplanes series from Jena-Louis Roba, Hans-Werner Neulen and the team at Lela Presse - 410 hard-back A-4 pages with some 850 photos and 50 large scale Thierry Dekker artworks...

Authored and compiled by Jean-Louis Roba and Michel Ledet in collaboration with Jean-Pierre Dubois, Hans-Werner Neulen and Juan Arraez Cerda

Volume 3 of the Lela Presse series devoted to Luftwaffe Seaplanes is published during April 2014. This promises to be another magnificent volume comprising nearly 500 glossy A-4 pages and replete with some 850 photos and technical drawings and is now due with us in April 2014. The major part of the book covers the Dornier Do 24 in Luftwaffe, Dutch, French, Swedish, Australian and Spanish service. Other chapters are devoted to lesser known Luftwaffe seaplane types such as the Bv 238, Ju 52, Ju 34, He 42 and Arado Ar 199. A further chapter is devoted to foreign seaplane types in Luftwaffe service including the Fokker T. VIII, Breguet Bizerte and the Cant Z. 506. The book features over 50 profile artworks and extensive English-language captions adapted from the French-language text by this blog author - easily the most comprehensive and detailed publication yet on these types.

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