Wednesday 3 October 2012

The Heinkel He 219 - a research paper

As regular readers of this blog will know Australian historian Ron Ferguson has focused his attention on the He 219 for many years. His self-published research papers will soon be available in updated form as a fully-fledged book, produced to dispel the many myths that surround one of the Luftwaffe's most advanced night fighters. I featured the 2nd edition on the blog at the following link

This new, revisited, expanded and updated volume from Simon Parry's team is a scholarly work that probes some lesser-known aspects in great detail and is not an entry-level general history of the He219. It lists and corrects the many errors found in earlier books, including the much more recent Kagero Monograph, as well as providing new and definitive information.

Chapters include: 

The Numbers – Production and Werknummern 
The Ejection Seat
 Versuchs Machines
 The Jets 
The RLM 22 Schwarz Camouflage Scheme 
Engine Air Intakes (Shape)
 He 219 Publications – List of Suggested Corrections

 Appendix 1 – Chronicle of Meetings (Generalfeldmarschall Erhard Milch) Appendix 2 – He 219 Versuchs Machines Appendix 3 – He 219 Werknummern and Stammkennzeichen Appendix 4 – He 219 Victory Claims Appendix 5 – He 219 Losses Appendix 6 – He 219s taken to the UK and USA in 1945 

"....Hello Neil,

This is to advise you of the release of my new book on the Heinkel He 219.The book will be available 7th October on the Wing Leader website -

The attached PDFs will give you some info on the contents - more appears on the Wing Leader website. This will be my final "He 219 Research Paper" - there are no plans for a 4th Edition. For those planning on building Revell's soon to be released 1/32nd scale model kit of the He 219, I'm sure the Research Paper will be an invaluable tool in obtaining historical accuracy to the subject. Sales of the book will help a good cause - any royalties I might be entitled to will go to charity for homeless kids - so please tell your friends.With my sincere thanks to you for your support and most welcome encouragement.  Neil, I can't thank you enough for the kind words you've posted on your FalkeEins blog - these have certainly stirred up world-wide interest in the Research Paper (please keep it up).

Ron Ferguson

My pleasure Ron !