Friday 11 May 2012

Focke Wulf 190 units with Panzerschreck - rare images of Fw 190s of 5./ SG 77

I was only discussing the subject of II. Gruppe SG 77 Panzerschreck toting Fw 190s with Jes Touvdal recently - here is his completed model for the recent BM Fw 190 group build. We concluded that there were only a couple of known (poor quality) partial photographic images of these machines, attributed to 5./SG 77 at Pardubice - in the JAPO 'Air War over Czech territory 1945' book.

Via John Manhro " Note the arrow motif on the cowling, blown hood of the F-8 and the II.Gruppe Balken. As the pictures show clearly the II. Gruppe bar and the "11" and "2" are black (imho) than I think we can say these are indeed 5./SG 77 aircraft. Staffel colour of 6./SG 2 = yellow and 4./SG 3 = probably white. The colour of 5./SG 77 was in my opinion black.."

Comment from John Manhro on TOCH posted on 12 May 2012;

" I did a check in Lfl. 6 documents all the way up to late March 1945. Early February 1945 the following units flew with Panzerschreck;
8./SG 1, 6./SG 2, 4./SG 3, 5./SG 77 (Pz.Schreck) -  (indeed there is also one report that says 6./SG 3 had Pz.Schreck but it does not list 4./SG 3 also, maybe a typo?)

The following units had Panzerblitz;

III./SG 4 (all three Staffeln), 13.(Pz)/SG 151, 1.(Pz)/SG 9 (Pz.Blitz). It seems that II./SG 151 had mainly Pz.Blitz but also a few Pz.Schreck Fw 190. Early Feb 1945 also 3.(Pz)/SG 9 was transferring to Pz.Blitz (completed mid March). This was followed in early March 1945 with transferring first 3./SG 1, 9./SG 77 & 6./SG 1 to Pz. Blitz. planned to be followed by 3./SG 77, 3./SG 4, 3./SG 3 & 6./SG 4. Need to check more files if that was completed too. 

Jes fabricated his Panzerschreck 1 parts from scratch, using some plastic tubing and plastic card, based on the diagrams in the JAPO Fw 190 A-G book as reference.

Kora models have produced resin detail Panzerschreck II parts (model photos courtesy Jes Touvdal)

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