Thursday 5 April 2012

current Michael Meyer Ebay listings - II./ JG 52 and Fw 190 JG 26

Me 109 F of  5 + 6./JG 52 seen in July 1941 Feldflugplatz (field strip) Lepel/Ostfront.

Below; Me 109 G-2 'black 12' (the Gruppe bar and yellow theatre band are just visible) of 5./JG 52 as the Staffel celebrates its 500th Abschuß, the 500th being achieved by Uffz. Peter Düttmann on 26 July 1943 (according to the plaque). Düttmann is in the centre with the garland of flowers around his neck. Düttmann was only just starting his career and this was his 10th returned on his 103rd Feindflug. He was awarded the RK on 9 June 1944 and survived the war with something like 150 victories claimed. Photo published on page 91 of  Düttmann's memoir " Wir kämpften in einsamen Höhen "

Two very nice views of Me 109 E "rote 1" of 5./JG 52 assigned to the Staffelkapitän Oblt. August-Wilhelm Schumann in Mannheim-Sandhofen, late 1939. These images were previously seen in Bernd Barbas' II./JG 52 volume. Any suggestions regarding the colour scheme are welcome!

Me 109 E 5./JG 52 late 1939, Böblingen, nice view of the Teufelswappen

Above 'gelbe 5' of 9./JG 26 following a Kopfstand in Wevelghem 1942/43.

Below; FW 190 "gelbe 11" and pilots and crew of 6./JG 26 seen in June 1943 in Vitry en Artois. Second from left is Uffz. Gerhard Vogt,  RK on 25 November 1944 for around 48 Luftsiege, killed on 14.1.1945 at the controls of his Fw 190 D-9 near Eil/Köln in combat. On the right in the second image which dates from September 1942 are Staffelkapitän Oblt. Johannes Naumann, (RK on 9 November 1944, 34 Luftsiege) and Vogt in Abbeville. The third photo shows Vogt after the pilot had received hospital treatment for injuries sustained when he was shot down  in combat with a Spitfire over the Normandy invasion front on 5 July 1944.

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