Saturday 15 January 2011

Cyber-Hobby Dragon Wing Tech Bf 109 E-4 Emil 1/32

 Dragon's new 1/32 scale Emil is here hard on the heels of last year's Trumpeter and Eduard releases. In the run up to this release I was asked to comment on the markings and colours options and am very pleased to see that Dragon have acted on the information forwarded to them during the preparation of this superlative looking kit - there is a now a Helmut Wick markings option with authentic 'kingfisher' emblem in the box ! 

Otherwise according to the 'Dragon Models USA' site the kit features the following array of impressively detailed parts and options;

- Newly tooled fuselage for Bf109E using slide-mold technology, fuselage features metal-skinned detail

- Newly tooled rudders can be modelled in different positions

- Two new 7.92mm Rheinmetall-Borsig MG17 machine guns in staggered mount included

- Moveable propeller blades with accurate curved cross-section and true-to-scale thickness

- Slide-molded engine cowling cover w/maximum detail can be assembled open/closed

- Intricate Daimler Benz engine represented by multiple parts, up to after-market standards

- Full cockpit interior details - pilot's seat, authentically detailed instrument panel and radio included

- Pilot's seatbelt upgraded by photo-etched parts

- Three different depths of panel line exhibit astonishing level of detail

- Centerline SG500 bomb and ETC500 bomb rack precisely reproduced under the fuselage, drop tank included

- Strengthened landing gear realistically portrayed

Decal options -  5 colour schemes - all based in France in 1940:

1. Oberst Adolf Galland, JG 26

2. Hauptmann Rolf Pingel, I./JG 26

3. HauptmannGünter Lützow, I./JG 3

4. Oberleutnant Gerhard Schöpfel, 9./JG 26

5. Major Helmut Wick, JG2

A full 'in-box' review is available via Rowan Bayliss at