Sunday 14 February 2010

He 115 brought down over the UK - Luftwaffe Seaplanes (4)

The wreckage of Heinkel He 115C, W.Nr. 3251, coded S4+BH from the 1. or 3./Küstenfliegergruppe 506 (Coastal Flying Group 506). The seaplane was lost during an operational sortie to the east Scottish coast when the pilot, blinded by searchlights, flew the aircraft into high ground on Faldiehill Farm near Arbirlot, Angus at 0404 hrs on the morning of 15 August 1940. The crew were Feldwebel Schroers (killed), Leutnant zur See Hans Tonne (survivor) and Oberfeldwebel Rudy Holfert (killed)

The wreckage was discovered by a farm worker walking to work and although both Ofw.Holfert and Fw.Schroers were dead, Lt.z.S. Tonne was still alive although severely injured . Along with his dead comrades, Tonne was transported to hospital in Arbroath where he died shortly after. All three were subsequently buried at Arbroath East cemetery.

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