Friday 8 January 2010

JV 44 Me 262 at Innsbruck

A couple of new views of WNr. 712 . See port side profile of 112712 on p.45 of Robert Forsyth´s "Jagdverband 44 - Squadron of Experten" (Osprey Elite). A portside photo appears on p.115 and a profile description on p.126.

The Me262 jets of JV 44 found at Innsbruck-Hötting airfield were as follows:

Me262A-2a W.Nr. 111712, no markings, bare metal, camouflage rudder and jet covers
Me262A-1a W.Nr. unknown, "White 1 - S", full-fuselage RLM 81/82 camo, wooden tail fin, formerly "Kdo. Nowotny" and III./EJG 2
Me262A-1a W.Nr. 500490, no markings, full-fuselage RLM 83 camo
Me262A-1a W.Nr. unknown, "White 4", full-fuselage RLM 82 camo
Me262A-1a W.Nr. 111857 (white figures), no markings, full-fuselage RLM 82 camo

Concerning the airfield, there must have been two airstrips at Innsbruck-Hötting at that time. The main civilian one, which was way too short for the take-off of the Me 262s. "White 1 " came down here almost hitting the aerodrome buildings, and would never have had the opportunity to leave the airfield. And there must have been a second one where a futile attempt was made by Hans-Ekkehard Bob to adapt the airstrip to the necessary length. Bob remembers 12 aircraft haven landed on 2nd May (?), one of them "White 1" at Innsbruck main. This would leave further seven a/c not being listed or pictured on photographs.

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