Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Eduard news for September - Limited Edition Reichsverteidigung Dual combo

From the Eduard media/distributors leaflet for September 2018.

Due in September is a 48th scale Limited Edition Reichsverteidigung Dual Combo kit containing the first of the new-tool late-war Fw 190 variants, in this instance the Sturm Fw 190 A-8/R2 with a Bf 109 G-6/G-14 in the markings (13 options) of the units engaged in home defence during 1944. The Fw 190 A-8/R2 is a new tool, the first of the late sub-versions, which were among the best sellers of the 'old' Fw 190 family.  Eduard's media leaflet is available to download here for more on this exciting Dual Combo and the artwork for the 13 decal options!

A photo of Lt. Hans Weik's IV./JG 3 'white 1' was first published in the Prien history of IV./JG 3 and Peter Rodeike's Jagdflugzeug 190. This is  probably the only Sturm machine to display rudder victory markings. Peter's original German language caption reads;

 "..  Fw 190 A-8/R2 of Staffelkapitän 10./JG 3 Lt. Hans Weik photographed during July 1944, probably on the airfield at Memmingen. Details of note on this 'white 1' are the overall black finish to the cowl which displays a small Geschwader emblem and the white-outlined 'eagle wing' Alderflügel. The canopy is fitted out with the armoured glass 'blinkers' although the windscreen is lacking the 30mm glass quarter panes. The IV. Gruppe wavy line features on the white RV fuselage band while the rudder sports several rows of white Abschußmarkierungen kill markings - Weik had achieved his 34th on 13 May 1944 claiming a B-17 shot down. (The first eleven victory markings were topped with a Soviet red star ) Note the aperture of a gun camera in the wing leading edge. The upper engine cowl MGs have been removed and the cowl gun troughs have been faired over.."

Plenty of Brassin for the above, detailed in the leaflet. A new Brassin set for Eduard's 72nd scale Fw 190 A-5 is released too.

The U12 Rüstsatz comprised underwing gondolas each containing a pair of MG 151 cannon, one of the few armament Rüstsätze to reach operational status. The decals are for Staffelkapitän 2./JG11 Erich Hondt’s A-5 WNr 410 266 ‘schwarze 13' (see pic below, via J-Y Lorant). The numeral was black with a red outline. Hondt's machine displayed the so-called Schwarmführerstreifen or red diagonal stripes of a Schwarm leader along the fuselage sides appearing as a 'Vee' from above. The aircraft did not have a yellow Rumpfband although this sometimes features on artworks and models of course. In fact Hondt wrote a letter to his parents describing this machine and its colourful finish which was published in Jochen Prien's JG 1 & JG 11 history; painted with the red 'V', the white tail etc - but no mention of a yellow fuselage band at all. He doesn't mention a possible red spinner either. That's not conclusive by any means, far from it. Hondt was shot down and the aircraft lost on 8 October 1943 - this is before fuselage bands were introduced though. See also a small article by Peter Rodeike's in Jet and Prop 3/12 - he is also of the opinion that there was no yellow band at this time. The nice clear print of this machine below tends to show that the 'brighter' and 'clearer' the picture the less obvious is any change of colour towards the rear fuselage..

 My build of the excellent Eduard Fw 190 A-5 'heavy fighter' in 72nd scale is here