Thursday, 14 December 2017

Eduard Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-5 'heavy fighter' in 72nd scale - new Dual combo for January, Jagdgeschwader 54 Grünherz.

"....anticpation, achievement, art and creative..

Starting a new model kit is a great thing. Not only does it mean that you have completed another build to get here, it means that a whole new adventure is beginning. A new world that you control to the very end. How do you want your paint? Camouflage please. It's all about what you want your kit to become. It's a platform for the precious imagination to be employed. Freedom in a cardboard box....."

Great sentiments expressed by the author of the 'Amateur Airplanes' blog. I've been looking forward to building an Eduard Fw 190 in 72nd scale..and have just completed my first  - the A-5 'heavy fighter' boxing above. I have found one or two tricky, the cockpit etch in the Profi-Pack edition doesn't fit too well and the gear bay is a little difficult although some have made it easily.

But - first of all, the model looks wonderfully accurate - I'm not the sort of person that measures model kits or checks them against drawings etc, suffice to say that it looks and sits just how you'd like a model Fw 190 to do, so that will do for me.

 Next point is the detailing, it's easily the best 1/72 Fw 190 in terms of detailing. It's the only Fw 190 A out there with the front of the engine modelled (not that you can really see it!) and the exhausts are separately molded too and insert prior to the fuselage halves/gear bay going together (so easy to forget them!) It's also got the best molded wheel bay of any Fw 190 A kit too.

  A very nice and lovely looking kit, but not easy to build- the lack of a positive location for the gear legs in the well may be a deal-breaker for some too!

A word too about the quality of the decals - they are exceptionally good. They settled down over the engine louvres with no problems at all, probably the best I've ever encountered in a model kit. Now to try the new 48th Eduard Fw 190 A-4..

...the Brassin cockpit set for the Eduard 72nd build - I used some of the contents on an old Airfix A-8 being converted to an A-6 with some Aeroclub parts - also recently finished as a 2./JG 2 night fighter in overall RLM 76. Of course with the various Eduard Boxes available there is no longer any need to do this to get an early Fw 190 variant.

More on III./JG 2 Fw 190s on this blog;

III./JG 2 convert onto the Fw 190

Due in January 2018 from Eduard is a limited edition Fw 190 boxing in 1/72 scale (Dual combo) containing decals for 6 colour schemes, three of which can be seen below. The kit is focused on aircraft flown by Jagdgeschwader 54 Grünherz. The Fw 190A-5 and A-8 versions can be built. Each version is offered with two optional wings. Thanks to Adam as ever at the unmissable  72nd scale blog for the heads-up!