Monday, 24 November 2014

Ju 88s on Sicily, crash-landed Fieseler Storch in Greece, He 59 in Red Cross markings - Ebay photo find #102

Ju 88 A "7T+.K" of 2./KGr 606 in Catania in July 1942

Above; three views of KG 30 Junkers Ju 88 on Sicily currently on offer here

He 59 "WL-APIE" of Seenotstaffel 1 with Rot Kreuz Red Cross markings pictured in the North Sea during 1939

Do 17 Z of I./KG 2 showing the Holzhammer Wappen

Michael Meyer's Ebay sales are here

koelsch333 Ebay sales, shown here courtesy of Marco;