Wednesday, 3 April 2013

new-build Me 262 Schwalbe air-to-airs

Courtesy of " Jim H ", pilot of the P-51 and first published on, a selection of gorgeous air-to-air shots of Me 262 B-1c Schwalbe WNr. 501241 taken just last week over Texas. WNr. 501241 was the first of the Me 262 new builds to fly, back in November 2002. The US Navy's rare original dual-control Me 262 B-1a displayed out doors at Naval Air Station Willow Grove was used as a pattern for this aircraft. The new build Me 262s are powered by J85 engines, each weighing about 400 lb and capable of producing some 2,850 lb of thrust, nearly twice as powerful and half the weight of the original Jumo 004s. Jim flies the Mustang I fly owned by the Collings Foundation and tours with the Wings of Freedom tour. ( ..a ride costs $ 2600 for 1/2 hour or 3200 for an hour in case you were wondering....)