Monday, 25 February 2013

Junkers Ju 88 Fernaufklärungsgruppe (long range recce) over the Med

Below; neat selection of machines serving with Aufklärungsgruppe 123 somewhere in the Med - probably Sicily - according to the seller funzel300. Click on the photos to see a larger view

Above; the Staffelesel  - donkey on the strength of 2.(F).Aufkl.Gr.123

According to the entry on the Aufklärungsgruppe 123 wikiluftwaffedata page 2.(F)/123's 2000th combat sortie was flown on 23 Aug 1942 - Fw. August Fastenrodt and Ofw Alfred Nitsch flew on 2./123's 2000th combat sortie. The inscription on the reverse of this image reads " 2000th combat sortie, crew (Besatzung) Oblt. Bournat "