Tuesday, 15 March 2011

More unknown pilots and aces of JG 26

Rare images of 7./JG 26 Flugzeugführer (pilots) seen in front of and on a Fw 190 A-8 during November 1944 in Reinsehlen. From left; Uffz. Heinz "Muli" Meiss, KIA at the controls of his Dora-9 on 13 March 1945 (Luftkampf mit Spitfire) over Unna-Werl, Lt. Gottfried Dietze who survived the war credited with two victories as StaKa 6./JG 26 and Uffz. Erich Ahrens who was shot down and taken captive on 1.1.1945 during the Bodenplatte operation. The lower photo shows Meiss and Ahrens on the wing of a Fw 190 A.

A portrait of Gottfrid Dietze taken in northern France during early 1942 and in front of his Fw 190 A-8. Bottom, a pilot of 7. or 8 ./JG 26,  Fw. Heinz Gomann pictured in February 1945 in Nordhorn. Gomann survived the war and was credited with 12 Luftsiege.

Below; pilots of 7./JG 26 (or II./JG 26) seen at Stevede-Coesfeld in October 1944. Fliegeralarm over the airfield. From left; Gruppe-TO Lt. Peter Andel who survived the war with six victories, Lt, Siegfried Sy (survived), Uffz. Walter Stumpf, credited with a single victory, and Uffz. Leopold Speer shot down and killed on 1.1.1945 in the vicinity of Nijkerk on the Zuider Zee.

A snapshot of  three JG 26  aces seen in Reinsehlen during November 1944. From left, Lt. Gerhard Vogt, KIA on 14.1.1945 as Kapitän of 5./JG 26 in combat with P-51s south-east of Cologne. Vogt was credited with 48 victories and was awarded the RK on 25.11.1945. Alongside Vogt is Staffelkapitän 7./JG 26 Oblt. Waldemar Radener who survived the war with a total of 37 victories including 17 Viermots. He was later appointed to command II./JG 26 and II./JG 300. On the right is Lt. Adolf Glunz, Staffelkapitän 6./JG 26, 72 Luftsiege RK on 29.8.1943, EL on 24.6.1944.

Nice image of II./JG 26 Flugzeugführer und Gruppen-TO Lt. Peter Andel seen in February-March 1945 in Nordhorn in conversation with Lt. Alfred Viehweg and, below, posing for a snapshot with Miess and Stumpf . Bottom, Andel at the controls of his Fw 190 D-9.

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