Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Unknown aces & pilots of Jagdgeschwader 52 - Anapa, Kertsch, Kuban, Maikop

Seen in the middle of this snapshot (above) is Lt. Rudolf Miethig RK-holder & Staffelkapitän of 3./JG 52. RK awarded on 29.10.1942. Miethig crashed to his death on 10 June 1943 after colliding with a Yak 1 and losing a wing. It was his 101st Luftsieg.

Seen on the left is 6./JG 52 pilot Uffz Franz Apfelthaler, at least 4 Luftsiege and survived the war. Middle Walter Krupinski RK and alongside him, Ogfr. Kurt Müller? at least 1 Abschuß, KIA on 19 February 1945. Photo taken in Maikop 1942

Luftwaffe Flugzeugführer 6./JG 52 Ogfr. Heinz Otte. Shot down over Kertsch during 1943 and taken captive. Survived the war.

Luftwaffe Flugzeugführer 5./JG 52 Lt. später Oblt Helmut Haberda shot down and killed on 8 May 1943 in Krymskaja/Rußland after being hit by ground fire. Returned a total of 58 Luftsiege. Seen here in January 1942 in Rostow

Luftwaffe Flugzeugführer 6./JG 52 Oblt Ernst Quasinowski in Ljuban 1941. Wounded on 11 June 1942, achieved at least 5 Luftsiege.

Luftwaffe Flugzeugführer 6./JG 52 Fw Theodor Mohr seen following his bale out over the Kuban Brückenkopf (bridgehead) during the summer of 1942. Had achieved at least two air victories. Wounded on 11.4.1944

Casual snapshot taken on a trip out from Anapa June 1943. From the left, Uffz. Friedrich Barnickel 9 Luftsiege, survived the war, Lt. Ludwig Kuhn, Lt. Helmut Lipfert 9RK + EL), Lt. Heinz Sachsenberg (RK on 9.6.1944 in total 104 Luftsiege), Fw. Heinz Pilz, 28 Luftsiege, Lt. Ferdinand Klassen 20 Luftsiege KIA on 22.4.44, Uffz. Franz Apfelthaler, 4 Luftsiege survived the war.

Hptm Helmut Lipfert (RK + EL) Staffelkapitän of 6./JG52 pictured with comrades on the occasion of his marriage in 1944 in Krakau. Lipfert achieved some 203 Luftsiege.

Figure on the left is Wilhelm batz