Saturday, 13 March 2010

Captured Fw 190- Fw 190 walkaround

The following images are taken from the Life magazine archive. This machine is likely FE-125 /T2-125 Fw190G-3 WNr.160016 ex DN+FP. This particular ex III./SKG 10 Fw190G-3 was on display with other German and Japanese aircraft as well as experimental US aircraft at the Army's Technical Command Center at Akron, Ohio - Wright Field from October 13 - 21, 1945. Approximately 200,000 Americans viewed the show on Saturday and 300,000 on Sunday. In addition, high ranking personnel from 26 other countries visited the display including Soviet Lieutenant General Rudenko, Colonel Sir Vivian Gabriel from the British Command and several American Aces. German magazine Jet & Prop Issue published a report on the exhibition entitled 'Vor 46 Jahren in Ohio: Kriegsbeute-Schau und amerikanishe Exoten' in their 3/91 issue (see colour image).

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