Monday, 28 June 2021

Okay, it's only a Buchon....Headcorn Battle of Britain air show, 25-27 June


 ..only a Buchon ....but it was great to see some actual aeroplanes in the air again at the Battle of Britain air display put on by Spitfire operators Aero Legends at Headcorn aerodrome, Kent, on Friday 25-Sunday 27 June. Despite some indifferent weather on the Friday and a complete wash-out on the Sunday the weekend's flying was superb. While Saturday was mostly hot and sunny, the Red Arrows show opening and closing displays were both cancelled. Saturday's finale of ten Spitfires and a Hurricane being 'scrambled' to counter the raiding Bf 109 was quite special - as good as anything I've seen at Dx.

Two from Leigh ('Alpha Delta 210')

Jay Geer image of the Buchon caught by the Spit ..

This is by far the best video of Friday's display - the aerobatics of the Bucker Jungmann can be briefly viewed from minute 9 and the  Buchon-Spitfire 'mock dogfight' tail-chase is at minute 23. Inbetween the B-17 cruises around majestically..well worth a watch.  A single click to view here..

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