Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Kommodore of JG 77, Major Joachim Müncheberg


The most significant Tagjagd loss in North Africa occurred on March 23, 1943. On that day, the Kommodore of JG 77, Major Joachim Müncheberg, made his 500th Feindflug (war flight). He shot down a Spitfire (135th victory) near Maknassy but his Bf 109 G-6 was apparently hit by debris and brought down. Müncheberg thus perished in the African theater where he had cemented his reputation two years earlier when he led 7./JG 26. In his honor, the Geschwader adopted the badge of this Staffel: a red heart. His successor came from the East: Major Johannes Steinhoff, former Kommandeur of II./JG 52. During his first ‘war flight’ in African skies, the new Kommodore was shot down but was able to put his 109 down on its belly. 

 Via Jan Bobek; "..Here is a nice set of fresh Bundesarchiv photos featuring the Kommodore of JG 77 Jochen Müncheberg, seen with a Bf 109 G of the Stab JG 77, photographed in early 1943 in Tunisia..." More at Jan's 'Flying Rabbit' FB page..However the ace is wearing the field-grey 'European' uniform which suggests that these pictures of Müncheberg's G-2 were taken in Europe before his departure for North Africa.