Tuesday, 17 July 2018

crash landed Emils - LG 2, JG 26 & 8./JG 27 - ebay photo find #258

A different view of the scene published in the Prien/Rodeike/Stemmer history of III. and IV. Gruppen of JG 27. Note the virtually undamaged prop blades suggesting that the pilot of this 8. Staffel machine - 'schwarze 13' - has attempted to glide home to the French coast either after running out of fuel or after sustaining damage that has caused the engine to seize. The location is Cap Griz Nez (between Calais and Boulogne), the date, on or around 27 October 1940. Although appearing in the loss lists as an E-4 there appear to be no wing-mounted MG FF. WNr. is 2794.

Below;  III./JG 26 Emil with 'Hellhound' emblem under the cockpit.

 Me 109 E of 5.(S)./LG 2, April 1941 (see JfV Teil 5) - 'Red 0' with narrow yellow Balkans Rumpfband