Thursday, 14 June 2018

Airfix Hs 123 'classic plastic', Hptm. Wilhelm Johnen Bf 110 G-4 7./NJG 6

 ....some great looking models seen recently both on the net and at a local club/show meet

Sebastian Piton's brilliant treatment of an old Airfix 'classic' - fantastic modelling and photography from Seb. His build blog can be viewed at

new Special hobby Bv 155 built by Martin Pfeiffer seen on the Special Hobby blog here

Hptm. Wilhelm Johnen G-4 7./NJG 6.    Model by Duncan Black ..

".. Eduard 1/72 Bf110 G-4 Profipack edition. Completed as an aircraft found by the Allies at Neubiberg in the Spring of 1945. I found several photographs of the wreck which showed that the rudders had roughly been painted in white although the Eduard instructions did not show this feature. Built OOB with only the addition of an EZLine aerial and painted using mostly Mr Color acrylics. A great kit to build however the main supports for the radar proved to be problematic as they were supposed to be a butt joint. I had to drill and pin them after they parted company several times so they could be better..."

Mike Grant model ..." Eduard 1/72 Bf 110E. It's the Profipack version so lots of coloured PE for the cockpit, and I also added the Brassin gun-nose and wheels. The fit of the engine nacelles to wing is well documented but it just takes a bit of filing to get a decent join. I liked this kit so much I've just ordered the G-4 version..."

DML Fw 190 A-5 "special" built by Andy 'Crimea River' using Kagero Decals, Tamiya Prop, Brassin wheels to represent FW190 A-5 "Minke Pinke" flown by Maj. Hans Philipp, Kommodore of JG 1 based at Jever in the summer of 1943.

Hats off to Mike ('Mikewint') for completing the Trumpeter 48th scale Condor C-4

Mike's build thread is here

and from Jose Pedro .." Here are the photos of my latest work. It`s the ICM kit,which despite having received a lot of "flak" builds up into a beautiful model. It has several issues, mainly with the cockpit, but, after the glass work was installed, this modeller can live very well with it. Paints utilised: Vallejo Model Air e acrílicos Mig. Detailing sets: Eduard interior and exterior set..
If you have interest, you can find in my blog around 90 fotos with all the building and painting process.
This model was part of Airfix Model World mag, December 2017 issue

Model and text by Stefan

 The "SG 113 (Sondergeraet 113)" was a projected German weapon system for antitank defense in WW II. A gun system developed by Rheinmetall-Borsig in the 75 mm caliber with a barrel length of 1,600 mm was tested as a weapon system. However, this was not arranged in the aircraft longitudinal direction firing forward, but mounted in the wings directed downward. The advantage of this shooting direction is that armored vehicles on the top have the least armor, which also smaller caliber can penetrate the vehicle armor. The cannons should be triggered by an electrostatic or electromagnetic sensor ("Foerstersonde") when flying over the target. In September 1944, two Focke-Wulf Fw 190 F-8 with SG 113 in the wings sent into the testing. It also examined the flying capability of the converted machine and the general impact of two guns in the wings. End of 1944, the machine was released in the troop testing. Any successes can no longer be determined. For this project I took the older Dragon kit of a Fw 190 A-8 and turned it into an F-8. For the special armament I used the SG 113-Set from Airmodel. Maybe the Dragon-190 is not a youngster but it was surprisingly easy to build. Yes, a little bit of putty and sanding was needed but that wasn't a problem. Colors from Gunze an Revell. The Figures are from ICM and they are really awesome. Easy to build, good was fun!!! Painted with Revell Aqua-Colors and weathered with diluted oil paint and various pastel chalks. Horrido..... Stefan

Liesendahl JG 2 Jabo from Pierre Giustiniani