Thursday, 28 December 2017

2./Nahaufklärungsgruppe 13 Frankreich, NAG 13 Fw 190 at Cuers, south of France, June 1944 -ebay photo find #235

" ..our birds in front of the airship hangars.." NAG 13 Fw 190s presumably at Cuers-Pierrefeu, north of Toulon, around May-June 1944.

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Below; via wiki a view of the French naval air base Cuers-Pierrefeu, located 5 km north of Toulon, in September 1944. The U.S. Navy blimp squadron 14 (ZP-14) was based at Cuers-Pierrefeu, blimp K-112 (shown) was the first to arrive on 17 September 1944. Also visible are Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk. VIII fighters of No. 451 Squadron, RAAF (in the forground is s/n MT952).

2./Nahaufklärungsgruppe 13, equipped with Bf 109 G and Fw 190 A, was commanded by Oberleutnant Walter Erhard, and sent to Cuers "a few weeks" before the Allied Landings in Normandy. On 14 June 1944 Erhard was reported missing near Ajaccio in Fw 190 A-3 W.Nr. 130340 during a sortie over Corsica.

On 29 June Ofw. Wilhelm Stockburger was reported missing in Fw 190 A-4 W.Nr. 145656, MIA following combat five km south of Nice.