Friday, 15 December 2017

abgestürzter Fw 190 in der Reichsverteidigung - ebay photo find #229

interesting views of a crash-landed Reich's defence (note the rear fuselage band) Fw 190 later variant (bulged cowl). Presumably the pilot's girlfriend and/or sisters in and on the aircraft! Note the stencil details..

In the view above and close-up below note the small 'red cross' first aid kit hatch in the Balkenkreuz. Just to the right of that (dark/red circle) is the 24V external power supply socket. The hatch just visible on the lower edge of the 'white 2' is for Sauerstoff (oxygen) und Pressluft (compressed air). Note the capacity of the rear internal fuel tank as per the inscription under the triangle  - 292 litres (approx 66 gallons). The forward fuel tank held slightly less than this - total internal fuel capacity was some 520 litres..

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