Saturday, 4 October 2014

Me 110 C/D "3U+GT" 9./ZG 26, Kommandeur I./ NJG 4 Maj. Wilhelm Herget

Me 110 C/D "3U+GT" 9./ZG 26 seen over the Channel during the summer of 1940

Below; Me 110 C of 9./ZG 26 in formation (Verbandsflug) over France during the campaign in the West May/June 1940.

Above; Me 110 C of 9./ZG 26 (note Staffel cockerel emblem on the nose) following an emergency landing on the Channel coast during May-June 1940.

Currently on offer from Michael Meyer here

Darius Werner at DW-Auktion is currently offering a series of photos of  Nachtjagd ace and later Kommandeur I./NJG 4 Maj. Wilhelm Herget

above; nice informal shot of strolling II./ZG 76 pilots; those with "?" above them have been kindly identified by G.R. Morrison. On the far left is Walter Borchers (then flying with the 4./ZG 76, never mind what Wiki says), and the pilot wearing the Sonnenbrille (second from the right) is Hans-Joachim Jabs.