Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Heinrich Hackler III./ JG 77 Bf-109 K-4 W.Nr.330196

Lt. Heinrich "Heinz" Hackler (14 December 1918 – 1 January 1945) was a Bf 109 ace who flew with III./ JG 77 in all the theatres where this Gruppe operated from 1941. From November 1943 he flew over Romania in defence of the Ploesti oil fields with III./JG 77. He was awarded the RK in August 1944 for 56 victories, which was his final tally. The Russian warbirds ru. site credits him with seven B-24s,  two B-17s and two P-51s in the period April-July 1944 and some 68 victories in total. Kapitän of 11./JG 77 and leading III. Gruppe in its entirety on the January 1st Bodenplatte operation in his Bf 109 K-4 "Gelbe 10", Hackler was hit by anti-aircraft fire while attacking Deurne airfield near Antwerp and failed to return.

pic via Jean-Louis Roba

Profile artists and kit manufacturers have put their imaginations to work on Hackler's aircraft, while the idea of 67 or even 68 victory claims (on warbirds.ru) seem inflated.