Friday, 21 March 2014

Heinkel He 111 FuG 200 - radar training Nachtschulen or anti-shipping

More radar-equipped He 111s currently on offer on Ebay. While they seem very much a mystery there appear to be two schools of thought here; that this may be an anti-shipping trials aircraft or radar training school machine. Anti-shipping seems to be the more likely possibility; note the MG FF - typically a lower rate of fire and heavier calibre for deployment against shipping as opposed to night fighting, although the flame dampers, black undersurfaces and wide PVC underfuselage rack certainly suggest night deployment. Is this southern France or Italy, a test detachment from the E-stelle Travemünde or Werneuchen in the summer of 1944 perhaps? Admitedly, the rack could have been a 'left-over' as was so often the case. It might have been an aircraft attached to II. or III./KG 100 from the E-stelle for trials. Almost certainly not a standard operational machine..

currently on offer here
posted on the "German airplanes" Facebook page by Tomas Prusa.. and discussion on the deployment of these FuG equipped He 111s - radar training school or anti-shipping missions..