Thursday, 20 February 2014

JG 77 Emil - General Eduard Dietl Narvik - Ebay photo find Norwegian campaign album

Norwegian campaign album currently on features this (J).TrGr 186 (JG 77)  early Emil - almost certainly 'Red 1' of the Staffelkapitän of 5. Staffel (Oblt. Peter Emmerich ?) - and pictures of "our guest " Gen. Eduard Dietl commander of the 3rd Gebirgsjäger (mountain troops) division and first recipient of the Eichenlaub (Oak Leaves) for successful operations around Narvik. (awarded during June 1940). Below; Dietl's Storch being refuelled..

Dietl wearing RK and Eichenlaub awarded during June 1940. Dietl was killed in the crash of his Ju 52 on 23 June 1944 as CO German forces in Norway and northern Finland

Stukas at Banak. For the invasion of Denmark and Norway, launched on 9 April 1940, five Do 26 seaplanes (V-1 to V-5) were brought together in the so-called Transozeanstaffel incorporated in 9./KGzbV 108 - see previous post on this blog here.