Tuesday, 19 November 2013

recent & latest Ebay Bf 109s - daily Luftwaffe photo find, JG 26, JG 54, JG 2, JG 53


 Another view of Hans von Hahn's Stab I./JG 3 Friedrich. Two more images of this machine here


Latest selection of ebay.de Bf 109 finds, including 'Red 1' above, an Emil of 2./ JG 26  - note the Teufelskopf devil's head emblem under the cockpit. This appears to be the earlier "rounded" design of the emblem, the machine is an E-3 so this is probably a pre-Battle of Britain shot. Staffelkapitän Fritz Losigkeit flew 'Red 16'- this may or may not be one of his machines. Also in this post, "white 11" a 1./ JG 2 Emil with bonzo dog emblem on the cowl, a JG 26 Emil down on the Channel coastline, I./ JG 54 with Stadtwappen Nürnberg (city of Nuremberg coat-of-arms) and JG 3 and JG 53 aces.





offered again by dw-auction. Previously seen here in July 2013 this is a II./JG 3 Bf 109 Gustav..(a G-2?), displaying 11 Abschussbalken evidently assigned to the Gruppenstab. Note the yellow frame-width theatre band directly aft of the fuselage Balkenkreuz. Long-time Gruppen-Adjutant of II./JG 3 was Ltn. Max-Bruno Fischer who achieved around 12 victories..