Monday, 13 May 2013

more Bf 109 Emils and a Friedrich of JG 27 and JG 26 - Ebay Luftwaffe photo find

 Me 109 E of the Stab I./JG 27 Major Eduard "Edu" Neuman preparing for a sortie 1941  (am Start zum Feindflug )

Below; Bf 109 F-4 trop. of 5./JG 27 seen in April 1942 after a sortie flown by the Staffelkapitän Hptm Ernst Düllberg, fourth from the left.  Düllberg was awarded the RK on 27.4.1944 and achieved around 45 victories.

Me 109 E "gelbe 6" of 6./JG 27 being put back on its undercarriage following a landing accident during the campaign in the Balkans, spring 1941

Me 109 E "schwarze 12 or 13" of 5./JG 27, pilot Uffz Hans Niederrhöfer seen in Bitolj, Yugoslavia mid-April 1941

Me 109 E of 8./JG 26 featuring the Adamsonstaffel Wappen late 1939. The 1 +2 Wart Hans... und Emil Jachowski pictured alongside "Red 6 ".

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