Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dornier 217 J Nachtjäger

Currently on offer via seller wasabogoa are these very nice shots of a Dornier 217 J complete with Englandblitz Wappen. (link below)

Given that the FuG 202 (or possibly 212 ) Lichtenstein BC antenna array has been dismounted perhaps these machines were deployed by day against USAAF bombers - Dornier night-fighters achieved their last successes during August and October 1943 against 8th AF Flying Fortresses. Perhaps the most significant feature of the Dornier 217 nightfighter was its nose - toting armament of 4 x MG 151/20 cannon and MG 17 machine guns the business end of the aircraft is a very busy area. In the lower image the shell ejector chute apertures are visible